Sorry 4 The Wait Lyrics

Lil Wayne Sorry 4 The Wait Lyrics

Below, you can find the lyrics for every song on Lil Wayne‘s Sorry 4 The Wait mixtape. Just browse the songs below and click on the track title you want to view the lyrics for.

  1. Tunechi’s Back
  2. Rollin’
  3. Throwed Off (Feat Gudda Gudda)
  4. Gucci Gucci
  5. Marvin’s Room
  6. Sure Thing
  7. Grove St. Party (Feat Lil B)
  8. Racks
  9. Hands Up
  10. Sorry 4 The Wait
  11. Inkredible (Feat Thugga, Dizzy, Lil Flo & T@)
  12. Run The World

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