Compliments From Top Rappers

On this page, you can read a list of comments of top artists showing love to Lil Wayne in their songs or interviews, which shows more proof that he is one of the greatest and most respected rappers in the hip-hop industry today.

I have included messages from the new generation rappers expressing how Weezy F Baby has influenced them in someway, as well as the old-school rappers who show their admiration for Wayne by complimenting him on his rapping skills and work ethic.

Of course there are plenty of other people, such as President Barack Obama, sports stars, and other music artists in different genres that have also given Tunechi his props, but I have only included rappers in this list.

This is also a great page to show those Lil Wayne haters who are constantly hating on him, but don’t know a single thing about him or even hip-hop. It may even make them shut up!

Rappers Speak On Lil Wayne:

2 Chainz
“Me even being around him, seeing the things you can get from puttin’ words together, it kinda kept me inspired.”

“My nigga, Tunechi. That’s my nigga. If it wasn’t for Tunechi, I wouldn’t be here. If it wasn’t for Lil Dwayne Carter, Tauheed Epps wouldn’t be here right now. I’ve been around a lot of things and so many situations, and it wasn’t for bruh, I wouldn’t be right here right now.”

Andre 3000
“The rap game has to save itself. Everybody’s saving it. People like Lil Wayne is saving it. He’s bringing energy to it.”

A$AP Rocky

“Wayne is still fun. Are we forgetting that Wayne made everybody switch their flow up and start using the E’s and R’s, and ‘I’m ir-regul-ar, seg-ular’? Like, c’mon, are we forgetting that Wayne changed hip-hop too? Are we forgetting that he made all these motherfuckers want to have tattoos? Are we forgetting that? It wasn’t Wiz, it was Wayne. Wiz did it too, but I’m just stating facts. This is a guy who fucking went from being the youngest underdog in his crew to saving his company and saving his “Daddy”. I am not a fucking Lil Wayne dickrider, I’m just speaking facts.”

Big Sean

“Lil Wayne is somebody who I used to ride to school listening to in my car. You know from Tha Carter to Tha Carter II, to Dedication 1 & 2, to Da Drought, his mixtapes. You know you got that for him as him being a rap legend, somebody who you look up to.”

“Congratulations Lil Wayne, you shitted on everybody again… again. Man congratulations to him. I think that’s like beautiful. That’s really inspiring to me man. Shit I’m trying to sell a million the first week. Lil Wayne really worked his ass off for that. He been going since he was 13 from the Hot Boys to everything.”

Bun B

“I feel bad [about Lil Wayne going to jail], because I don’t think anything like this has happened in music since Elvis got drafted into the Army. Let’s just keep it real – Lil Wayne is not just the biggest rapper, Lil Wayne is the biggest pop star right now. Maybe Susan Boyle is on his level. But when you talk about music, nice times out of ten, Lil Wayne’s name is gonna come into the conversation.”

“I love Wayne, I respect his talent. I’ve watched him grow up.”

Busta Rhymes

“Wayne is probably my top two or top three favorite MCs in the game right now. Wayne is one my biggest inspirations, because Wayne’s got a unprecedented work ethic. Wayne’s consistency is unparalleled as well. I don’t really find moments that I feel disappointed in whatever Wayne is doing. I definitely feel like he’s an alien. He doesn’t do shit that seems humane, as far as his ability. That man is one of the gifts to the game. I’m a big, big, big Wayne fan. I love working with him everytime.”

“Me and Wayne, we’ve been friends for a long time, I’m a big fan of Wayne. He’s one of the illest MCs in this rap shit. You know that when you get him on your track, he’s going to deliver. I like to connect with artists I’ve got a good vide with and that I respect. At this stage in my career, I don’t want to do anything that doesn’t feel good. If I’m fuckin with you, it’s because the vide feels right. It’s not just because it’s cool for you to rock on the record.”

“We miss you, we love you homie, we salute you general. We salute you king, we salute you god MC.”


“Wayne’s my man. I’m proud of him, he worked hard. You know with a lot of people, Wayne’s been doing this for years. Wayne had a record deal before I had a record deal, you know what I’m saying? Even though Cash Money been our for 12, 13 years so you know, for him to come up for where he came up, it was all them, B.G, Juvie, Turk, everybody. To see him excel from all that and become one of the hottest people in the game, 10, 12 years later, I’m really proud of him. That’s my lil’ man.”


“I love Lil Weezy.”


“I like Wayne shit, everything he spitting is hot.”


“I give it to Wayne, man. He out-working everybody in the mixtape circuit. When I talk to the underground stores out here in the mixtape world, they tell me that Wayne’s runnin’ it. He’s the most active. He’s putting out the best material – there’s so much of it. I remember right before his album dropped, it was a song that had leaked called ‘Lisa Marie’.Everybody thought it was [going to be on Tha Carter III]. It didn’t even go on his album. That was a real record for me, but it was on a mixtape. He has a lot of records like that. I’m impressed by that. That’s what everybody needs to do.”

Chance The Rapper

“The whole tape [Dedication 5] is amazing. It’s my favourite accomplishment [working with Lil Wayne] and I say that with thought. It’s the biggest accomplishment I’ve made today, because Lil Wayne is probably the biggest reason why I’m sitting here right now, rapping and doing what I do. I’m a huge Wayne fan forever.”


“I think Lil Wayne is definitely a dope rapper.”

Cory Gunz

“He’s been a mentor so much that I’ve picked up from him.”

“All of his performances, whether it’s a video or a live performance, his energy is always the same. If there’s anything that I have learned from him, it’s definitely to put your heart in it. Regardless if you’re writing a verse for somebody else’s album, write it like it’s for yours.”

Crooked I

“Lil Wayne came a long way. Lil Wayne to me is one of the most improved rappers. Like from where he started to where he’s at now. hats off, we salute you.”


“I just wish my nigga Wayne would get the respect he deserves in this fuckin’ game, he’s the illest with those words. I know I might of said that shit before, but I’m just making sure it’s heard.”


“The Lil Wayne album – you know a lot of times when you get a lot of hype on cats, they don’t really deliver. The boy really delivered. You know he’s a genius. The album’s genius, it’s a classic.”

“Lil Wayne is definitely the greatest youngest rapper alive.”

DJ Premier

“Lil Wayne, I ain’t mad at him man, he did his thing, he stepped up his lyrical game, he the most improved rapper out of anybody. I’ve seen him from childhood status to what he’s doing right now. He stepped up his rap game, so he deserves the success he had. And no one else was even doing near what he was doing, so I applaud him too.”


“When he drops that album [Rebirth] and goes on tour, I would love to open for him. I would open for Lil Wayne. I’m only DMC, I’m not Run DMC. It’d be a privilege. I take joy in the creation of new music – I did what I did with Run DMC, but now I’m starting from the bottom.”


“I like him.”

“I love his success. I consider him to be a talented rapper.”


“Wayne is my favorite person to work with though, because ooohh, oohh, Lil Wayne is just too good, he’s just too good.”

“Lil Wayne, who is actually responsible for my career has always been a huge influence to me and one of my heroes.”

“Wayne’s done way more for my career than Jay-Z. Wayne is the reason I’m here.”


“With this new Lil Wayne album of recent, it seems like things are looking a lot better now [for hip-hop]. You can appreciate Lil Wayne using different words to rhyme and actually rhyming words that you know.”

“I’ve always respected what Wayne does, and Wayne, to me is definitely one of the greatest in the game right now.”

“I had bought Lil Wayne’s album, but I was so busy recording that it literally sat in my CD case until like six months ago. There was the hype about him, but I didn’t see what all the hype was about. I felt like he was good, certainly above average from his singles, but it was like: ‘Is he that dope?’ Then I listened to the whole album and was like : ‘Wow! My man is that dope, Lil Wayne is fucking dope! You’ve got to listen to a Lil Wayne song four, five or six times to actually catch everything he’s saying. We were at a video set a couple of months ago and I’m bumping it in the trailer and I’m like: ‘Yo, Wayne is dope!’.”


“I hate to see somebody get locked up, especially someone as talented as Lil Wayne. You know Wayne is a strong figure in the hip-hop marketplace, and for him to go away for 8 months, you know it’s sad for hip-hop as a whole.”

Fat Joe

“Lil Wayne is the best rapper on Earth. Can’t nobody touch him. He’s the only guy who can put out 300 songs a year and they all fire.”

“I’m not saying he’s the best rapper of all time, [but] you can’t compare him to any rapper in the world. Because no rapper has done what he’s about to do. That’s crazy. He’s a roc star man.”

“I love Lil Wayne, that’s like my little brother. He’s just the coolest dude on Earth.”

Freddie Gibbs

“Lil Wayne makes good music. He’s one of the best rappers. You can’t take that shit from him.”

“I don’t have no… I love Lil Wayne. I grew up on the Hot Boys.”


“[My favorite rappers are] Lil Wayne. I like Wayne.”


“[Wayne] is my homie. It’s like my blood brother. I got a lot of love for him.”

“And you better believe anybody that fucks with Wayne got major problems with me.”


“I like me some of Wayne stuff. I think he’s the one exception as far as the auto-tune thing goes.”

Ice Cube

“He’s dope. That’s a good thing to always see a great MC float to the top.”


“To get called for Tha carter IV, for him being able to recognize that I can help on one of the songs on his album with my mechanics is a beautiful thing. I respect his ear. Some shit he does is far out to me, but I still love him as a lyricist. For me to be a part of that is a beautiful thing.”

Jae Millz

“He’s a cool dude man, and aside from him being one of the top artists in the game, he works. Like he literally goes to the studio 9 – 10 o’clock at night and leaves 11 the next morning. Everyday is groundhog day for him… and he dirt rich.”

Jamie Foxx

“Lil Wayne is a music god!!!!”

Jay Electronica

“I’m feeling Lil Wayne, I respect where he came from. Salute to the soldier, he being successful, he carrying our city on his back.”

Jay Rock

“I learned from that dude, a lot of niggas need to learn from that nigga man. No lie, when we went to the studio at like 2 in the morning, and no lie this nigga was in the studio from 2 in the morning till the next day. The nigga go hard man, that goes to show you he got love for his game man, no sleep.”


“I think Lil Wayne is extremely talented. I think he’s one of the most talented ones out there.”

Julez Santana

“Weezy’s the best right now. You know what I’m sayin? I’m not gonna say of all the time. I’m saying he’s the best right now.”

“He’s on fire, I’m on fire, and I respect him on a music level as well as a friendship level.”


“I’ve got the utmost respect for Wayne.”

“I’m really happy and proud for that cat. I loved [Tha Carter IV]. It’s what the people want! He’s got some songs on there that’s amazing.”

Kanye West

“Bow in the presence of a true living legend of hip-hop – Lil Wayne the God.”

“I think Wayne is the number one rapper in the world.”

Kendrick Lamar

“I go all the way back to the Hot Boys days and being 13, listening to this dude. Just remembering the staple he put on the game back then all the way to now, to have that longevity years beyond it. So for him to actually acknowledge what I’m doing right now and seeing it as a path, the same way the longevity he created, it’s a great feeling to actually share that same stage and a moment with him. Wayne ain’t no new jack to this game. He influenced a lot of styles and a lot of sounds. I would say I was influenced by a recent sound and flow, and cadence that he brung to the game.”

Kid Cudi

“I’m really happy to hear Lil Wayne is doin better. Sincerely. He’s a legend.”

Kool G Rap

“I wouldn’t agree with people saying Lil Wayne is wack, you know what I mean? Because I’ve heard Lil Wayne records many times and he say a lot of clever things.”


“The greatest rapper of all time.”

“I told Wayne to his face he was the dopest MC out. MC, not rapper. I told him to his face because I believe that, Wayne is nice! Wayne is bananas with his lyrics, with his whole delivery, with his whole thing. Lil Wayne is the man!”

Layzie Bone

“Lil Wayne is the man.”

LL Cool J

“Lil Wayne is talented. He seems to be the dominant figure in this particular era of hip-hop. So you know, he’s doing his thing.”


“I would say Lil Wayne [is the best rapper]. He’s all about hard work and consistency.”

Mack 10

“Wayne is special talent, period, and I knew it. This success is not new, Wayne been doing platinum since he was 14. Everybody looks at Wayne like all this new success, but it ain’t new. He’s been going platinum for 10 years now, but it seems like people forgot about that. That’s what makes him even better because usually people don’t get better the longer their careers go. They don’t get bigger 10 years later, but that’s what this kid did and that’s just phenomenal really.”


“Him and probably Kayne have been the two biggest influences on my career. Wayne even more so in terms of his work ethic and the way that he approaches music. I have Tha Carter DVD and I’ve watched that shit like 60 times.”

Mannie Fresh

“I got a great deal of respect for Wayne. You know, from where he started to where he at right now. He’s on top of his game.”


“I love Wayne.”

Nicki Minaj

“I’m so super proud of this man. I feel like there’s nothing he can’t do. Everything he does, he wins at it. His clothing line – my guy friends, you know, are already rocking TRUKFIT.”

“I looked at people like Lil Wayne. I would go to the studio and I would observe Wayne, and I would literally pray. I would say ‘God, give me his work ethic’.”

“He’s the #GreatestOfAllTime dead or alive. Fuck u for like if u don’t agree. Thank u Wayne.”


“Wayne is my favorite rapper of the new age. Although in rap years, he’s just as old as me. But that’s my favorite rapper for the new age.”

“They got beef with Wayne? Tell’em bring it then.”


“Lil Wayne is Lil Wayne. I mean you know he a lil’ nigga who gotta strong work ethic and you know at the end of the day, he do his thing. I like the kid. He in his box or whatever, he put in a lot of work, you couldn’t ask for it to come to a better nigga.”


“Just like the new cats, like from the Weezy’s to the Jeezy’s to everybody, I respect these cats because they doing what they think hip-hop is. And they doing what they think hip-hop is doing right now. That’s what it is.”


“Wayne is definitely one of the top five MCs to ever come out of the South.”


“I’ll be forever grateful to Wayne believing in me and respecting my legacy.”

Talib Kweli

“Now as far as Lil Wayne, I don’t care what nobody say, that nigga studies hip-hop. If he didn’t he wouldn’t have Kanye West on his album, he wouldn’t have signed Cory Gunz, he wouldn’t of come up to me and said Kweli: ‘I fuck with you’, and he wouldn’t of done a song called Dr. Carter which is one of the greatest songs I have ever heard. Any MCs in the house? If you have not made a record as dope as motherfuckin’ Dr. Carter, shut the fuck up when you talk about Lil Wayne. Any MCs in the house? If you never said a line as dope as ‘Real G’s move in silence like lasagna’, shut the fuck up about Lil Wayne.”

Tech N9ne

“I just want to thank Wayne for even mentioning me. I’ve been following his career since he started, just watching him evolve. He was always clever with the rhymes. My own quest was always to get my music out to everybody in the world and working with Wayne is truly a way to get it out there.”

“I went into Rikers Island and I talked to him for three hours. I had no idea what we were going to talk about. We had a lot in common. He’s a good guy and I always dug what he did. People just try to slam him because he’s mainstream. He worked his way up to being what he is, so when people say bad things about him, I feel like I want to fight. I know him as a person – good guy – and I have to separate myself and say: ‘People have their preferences, it’s cool’. But inside I’m like: ‘Say one more thing about Wayne, and see what I do!'”


“As far as from a standpoint of success, the only person who is in a position to make a claim like that sort [for the ‘King Of The South’ title] would be Lil Wayne – as far as success from a numbers standpoint. As far as longevity and success, that’s the only person I feel like can say that.”


“I love Lil Wayne ’cause one, he did what Tupac did – brought a lotta records out and exceeded the normal rapper’s output. And two, he’s one of the last rappers that still makes me want to rap. Like other rappers I listen to and don’t feel nothing. But I can listen to Wayne and get inspired to pick up the pad and write something myself.”


“One thing about Wayne is like, that nigga go hard.”

Tyler, The Creator

“Wayne’s cool. I ran into him at my hangout back home, and he’s just cool. I actually have this beat that I want him on, but I was too scared to get it to Clancy to get to them, but Wayne’s cool.”