Lights Out

Lights Out is an official album that was released by Lil Wayne on December 19th, 2000. The project, which is Weezy‘s second studio album in his music career, consists of nineteen songs.

From the day the album was released to today, Lights Out has sold just under one million copies in the U.S. – making it certified gold. The singles that were released from his album are: “Get Off The Corner“, “Everything“, and “Shine“.

You can view the tracklist for Wayne‘s Lights Out album below.


  1. Intro (Watch Them People)
  2. Get Off The Corner
  3. On The Grind
  4. Hit U Up (Feat Hot Boys)
  5. Everything
  6. Fuck Wit’ Me Now
  7. Lil’ One (Feat Big Tymers)
  8. Break Me Off (Feat Big Tymers & Unplugged)
  9. Skit
  10. Wish You Would
  11. Grown Man
  12. Shine (Feat Birdman, Mack 10 & Mickey)
  13. Jump Jiggy
  14. Realized
  15. Tha Blues
  16. Let’s Go (Feat Big Tymers)
  17. Biznite
  18. Act A Ass (Feat B.G.)
  19. Beef

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