Tha Carter 2

Lil Wayne Tha Carter 2 Lyrics

Tha Carter II is an official album that was released by Lil Wayne on December 6th, 2005. The project, which is the second album in Weezy‘s Tha Carter series, includes a total of twenty two songs.

From the day the album was released to today, Tha Carter II has sold over two million copies worldwide – making it certified double platinum. The singles that were released from his album are: “Fireman“, “Hustler Musik“, and “Shooter“.

You can view the tracklist for Wayne‘s Tha Carter II album below. Be sure to click on each track title to be directed to a page that lets you read the lyrics for each song.


  1. Tha Mobb
  2. Fly In
  3. Money On My Mind
  4. Fireman
  5. Mo Fire
  6. On Tha Block #1
  7. Best Rapper Alive
  8. Lock And Load (Feat Kurupt)
  9. Oh No
  10. Grown Man (Feat Currency)
  11. On Tha Block #2
  12. Hit ‘Em Up
  13. Carter II
  14. Hustler Musik
  15. Receipt
  16. Shooter (Feat Robin Thicke)
  17. Weezy Baby (Feat Nikki)
  18. On Tha Block #3
  19. I’m A Dboy (Feat Birdman)
  20. Feel Me
  21. Get Over (Feat Nikki)
  22. Fly Out

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