Lil Wayne – Da Drought 2

Da Drought 2 is an official mixtape by Lil Wayne, which was released in 2004. There are a total of 15 songs on the tape including some tracks that Weezy doesn’t even appear on. You can view the tracklist and download link below:

  1. Everything Will Be Fine featuring Reel
  2. So Many Places
  3. Can’t No Nigga – Reel
  4. Shake Ya Money Maker – Reel featuring Ms. Tee
  5. Move Ya Body featuring Reel and Pauleone
  6. The Problem
  7. Check One, Two
  8. You Don’t Know featuring Twin and Reel
  9. Get Out
  10. The Burn
  11. You My Hoe – LJ
  12. In The Booth
  13. Real Thugs – Lloyd featuring Reel, Magnolia and Chop
  14. Let’s Party – Pauleone featuring Reel
  15. Why – Reel

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