Lil Wayne & Raj Smoove – Lil Weezy Ana Vol. 1

Lil Weezy Ana Volume 1 is an official mixtape by Lil Wayne hosted by Raj Smoove. The tape was released in 2006 with a total of 24 tracks on. The majority of the songs are Weezy and the old Young Money crew rapping over different music artists’ instrumentals. You can view the tracklist and download link below:

  1. Ballin’ featuring Dizzy, Ronnie and Mack Maine
  2. Off The Docks featuring N.O. Capo
  3. David Banner
  4. Lay My Organs Down featuring Dizzy, Mack Maine and Currency
  5. I’m The Man featuring Shawty Lo
  6. Show Me What You Got
  7. Day Dreamin’ – Mack Maine
  8. Leave Me – Dizzy
  9. Lets Go Hoe featuring Currency
  10. Grew Up A Screw Up featuring Tity Boi
  11. Famous
  12. I Like Dat
  13. Money In The Bank featuring Mack Maine
  14. Nigga Wit Money
  15. MySpace – Dizzy
  16. Donks
  17. Pimp C featuring Mack Maine and Ronnie
  18. He A “G” featuring Ronnie
  19. Triggaman featuring Currency
  20. Downtown – Dizzy
  21. Secretary featuring Currency
  22. Vans
  23. Amen
  24. Secret Weapon featuring Lauren

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