Sqad Up – SQ2

SQ2 is an official mixtape by Sqad Up, which was released in 2002 with a total of 13 tracks. You can view the tracklist and download link below:

  1. Roc The Mic #1
  2. Roc The Mic #2 with Dizzy and Young Yo
  3. Niggaz ‘N’ Trouble (Remix) with Kidd Kidd
  4. Gangsta Sqad with Gudda Gudda and Kidd Kidd
  5. Hoes, Hoes, Hoes with Kidd Kidd and Young Yo
  6. S-Q-A-D-U-P
  7. Grindin’ Freestyle
  8. Peanut – Kidd Kidd
  9. Ready Or Not with Gudda Gudda, Young Yo, Kidd Kidd, and Dizzy
  10. Holla Holla with Kidd Kidd, Dizzy, Young Yo, and Gudda Gudda
  11. Uh Oh
  12. Bounce 4 Rage with Kidd Kidd
  13. Help (Remix) with Gudda Gudda and Kidd Kidd

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