Sqad Up – SQ4

SQ4 is an official mixtape by Sqad Up, which was released in 2002 with a total of 16 tracks. You can view the tracklist and download link below:

  1. Intro
  2. We Ready with Gudda Gudda
  3. Weezy Baby
  4. Guess Who’s Back? with Dizzy and Kidd Kidd
  5. Addictive
  6. Holla At Them Boyz with Gudda Gudda
  7. I Got Us
  8. Big Pimpin’ with Kidd Kidd
  9. Murder This Shit
  10. Get High with Gudda Gudda
  11. Best Of Me
  12. U Don’t Wanna Fuck With The Sqad with Dizzy
  13. Renegades with Kidd Kidd
  14. Aww Naww with Kidd Kidd and Dizzy
  15. Think It’s A Game
  16. Sqad Dis Out

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