Sqad Up – SQ5

SQ5 is an official mixtape by Sqad Up, which was released in 2003 with a total of 18 tracks. You can view the tracklist and download link below:

  1. Weezy Baby, Baby
  2. Love Of My Life with T-Streets
  3. Get At Us with T-Streets, Dizzy, Gudda Gudda, and Kidd Kidd
  4. I Came To
  5. This Is The Way We Sqad with Gudda Gudda
  6. Every Man Wants A Woman
  7. We Are Cuttin’ with Dizzy and Kidd Kidd
  8. All I Know with Kidd Kidd
  9. Weezy, Please
  10. Holla S.Q.A.D with Gudda Gudda, Kidd Kidd and Dizzy
  11. Sqad 5
  12. Nutt & Weezy Baby with Raj Smoove and Kidd Kidd
  13. Mixtape Murda
  14. Double “G” with Gudda Gudda
  15. Never Split
  16. Murder Murder, Steel Steel with Gudda Gudda
  17. All I Have In This World
  18. The Champions with Raj Smoove, T-Streets and Gudda Gudda

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