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“I pray these niggas don’t fuck with me, and I don’t like to cuss in church” FuckWitMeUKnowIGotIt

“Kill everybody, y’all gone need a limousine hearse; You see I’m armed like a fucking short sleeve shirt” Pure Colombia

“Uh, it’s a Rollie if I got time on my hand; If you ever see me broke, write on my cast” FuckWitMeUKnowIGotIt

“It’s just us, fuck the rest we got insomnia” Pure Colombia

“No broken mirrors, I can’t see myself broke; Right back pocket, flag redder than a velvet rope; Never say never, she might do her friend, you never know; Shorty make that dick stand up like it’s telling jokes” Still Got The Rock

“I done lost a couple hoes, but I’m still a pimp; Just changed the face on my Rollie, shout out Lil Kim” Pure Colombia

“Fuck all y’all niggas in Swahili nigga; Ain’t nothing free ’round here but Willy nigga” FuckWitMeUKnowIGotIt

“I can’t trust my iPhone, I think Siri the Feds” Still Got The Rock

“You think you’re calling shots? You got the wrong number; I love Benjamin Franklin more than his own mother” Pure Colombia

“Thank God that I’m so gifted, I wouldn’t return a single gift; But all good things must come to an end, like this blunt burning my fingertips” Way I’m Ballin’

“Ain’t nothing like some pussy when you going through something; Just called a bad bitch, I said: ‘I’m goin’ through something’; Bugatti sitting still, look like it’s going 200; Pussy nigga keep your mouth closed like you chew onions” Started

“Dressed up like a old lady, Uzi under my church dress; Surprise yo’ ass like a baby takin’ his first steps” Way I’m Ballin’

“Run up in the kitchen, get your stash out the oven; You wonder how we know? Stop talkin’ while you cuddlin'” Started

“But I swear I think I love you, fingers crossed in my pocket; Okay that’s a dead subject, you bring it up, that’s a zombie” You Song

“I ain’t drove, it look better in the driveway; Married to the MOB, man you niggas just some bridesmaids” Started