Highest Rated Lil Wayne Quotes

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“I am sittin’ on the clouds, I got smoke comin’ from my seat; I can play basketball with the moon, I got the whole world at my feet” I Feel Like Dying

“I speak the truth, but I guess that’s a foreign language to y’all” 6 Foot, 7 Foot

“Fuck me? Fuck you! What it is, what it do? I been ready since ’81 and I was born in ’82” Spitter

“I’m pullin’ her hair, she pullin’ my dreads; I’m breakin’ her off, we breakin’ the bed; Fuck her like a dog, she shakin’ her leg; I’m killin’ it soft, I’m makin’ it red; I’m makin’ her talk, I’m makin’ her beg” Fuck Food

“I’m allergic to cheatin’, I hate failure and I am in love with achievement” No Quitter, Go Getter

“Kiss her on her breasts, east and west; And then I go south, and clean up my mess” Hoes & Ladies

“Fuck Pusha T and anybody that love ’em” Goulish

“Life is such a fuckin’ roller coaster then it drops, but what should I scream for? This is my theme park” Forever

“Bitch, stop talkin’ that shit and suck a nigga dick for some TRUKFIT” Pop That

“My ex wanna work it out, bitch try Yoga” Roman Reloaded

“Medication in my cup because my flow sick; Got a syringe in my draws, call it dope dick” It’s Young Money

“Clothes are overrated, panties are debated; Einstein… her head is the greatest” Money Pussy Weed

“That guy right there can’t save you in the real world” Deposition Videotape

“I get it in like parking spots; And they say money talk, so don’t ask me why I talk a lot” I Get It In

“Faded like skinnys, Young Money we winning; I told her if I change, she won’t get a penny” Faded

“Hammer on my side like I work in construction; Your bitch hit that head so hard we get concussions” Goulish

“You can save your bullshit on your memory card; If this real nigga business, then you niggas unemployed” Abortion

“I go stupid, I go retarded, the grass is greener in my garden; Swagger meaner than the warden, pow, pow, pow I ain’t with arguin'” Dark Shades

“And oh yeah, I got a girl but she act like I owe her; And um, sometimes it seems like I just don’t know her; And yeah, the relationship is starting to feel like a chore; But I really hope I’m not starting to bore” Dear Anne

“All I do is win, my name should be Victor” Roman’s Revenge (Remix)

“Shit, you niggas running from the money; And I treat it like pussy, see I got the money cumming” Scared Money

“Pockets so deep it’s like my money gotta swim out” Fire Flame (Remix)

“My bitch be asking why I don’t go suit and tie; Because they put that on you when you die” Down And Out

“Bitch ass nigga keep hatin’ gon’ make me catch another gun charge” Born Stunna (Remix)

“Behind bars, but the bars don’t stop; Recordin’ over the phone, hope the call don’t drop” Light Up (Remix)